D, 2019

Title: Don't stop

Length: 15min

Director: Lukas Link

Co-Director: Paulina Albrecht

Production: Jana Gebhard, Lukas Link

Editing: Lukas Link, Annebel Ugrinsky

Cinematography: Marcos Barahona

Sounddesign: Nils Plambeck

Soundrecording: Paulina Albrecht

Barrierfree Versions: Caspar Schleicher, Siljia Korn

Translations: Sarah Kachiri

Titel and Graphics: Fabian Dornhecker

with funding from Bundesministerium für Kultur und Medien (BKM)

Sacha delivers food from restaurants to homes and offices. Whilst trying to be a good father and boosting his career as pianist he maneuvers soups and pizza to make ends meet. In his pocket an app that dictates a fast pace. Don't hit, don't fall, don't stop.