Lukas works are anchored in Documentary and Cinematography. With a solid technical background and yearlong professional experience as assistant camera in advertisement and feature film he strongly believes great storytelling is rooted in the ability to design a story in pictures.

Within his documentary short movies he repeatedly puts his trustworthiness to test and gains great access to underrepresented milieus and people. At the same time he's aware of the responsibility that comes with media creation and treats his protagonists always with great respect. His ambition is to tell stories away from mainstream society to rethink power and the world we live in.

Next to his own projects he joined the team of OVALmedia where he works as cameraman and project manager for OVALsolutions “Live Sessions” - a multilayered video service for musicians. Live Sessions includes story driven behind the scenes edits and documentary scenes, but also multi-camera live streaming for social media. Tapping into the field of social media he gains professional experience in new forms of contemporary storytelling.

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